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Psychology and Industrial Efficiency

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Psychology and Industrial Efficiency (livro disponível online)
Autor: Hugo Münsterberg
Referência: 1913, p. 344, University Press Cambridge
Descrição: In this book Münsterberg addressed many different topics that are very important to the current field of industrial psychology. His objective was "to sketch the outlines of a new science which is to intermediate between the modern laboratory psychology and the problems of economics: the psychological experiment is systematically to be placed at the service of commerce and industry." He selects three points of view that he believes are of particular importance to industrial psychology and seeks to answer those questions. These three questions include "how we can find the men whose mental qualities make them best fitted for the work which they have to do; secondly, under what psychological conditions we can secure the greatest and most satisfactory output of work from every man; and finally, how we can produce most completely the influences on human minds which are desired in the interest of business." In other words, we ask how to find "the best possible man, how to produce the best possible work, and how to secure the best possible effects."
Observação: Neste livro constam experiências do autor na aplicação da psicologia aos problemas dos acidentes com transporte, especialmente no capítulo 8 (serviços de ferrovia). O autor é considerado um dos primeiros psicólogos a estudar o tema. É uma obra útil para estudar as raízes da avaliação psicológica em motoristas.