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The psychology of the electric car: Experiences of drivers from electric vehicle trials

postado em 13 de fev. de 2013 07:29 por Fábio de Cristo
The psychology of the electric car: Experiences of drivers from electric vehicle trials
Organizadores: Mark Burgess; Joseph Krems; Andreas Keinath
Referência: 2013, 224p., Psychology Press
Descrição: In a world where we are increasingly feeling the pressure to be environmentally aware more and more people are turning to environmentally friendly modes or transport, including the Electric Car. This book is the first publication to comprehensively examine empirical evidence relating to people’s sustained experiences of driving electric vehicles (EVs) and integrating them into their daily lives. Previous books have addressed the technical characteristics and performance of EVs and their component parts, how policy influences technological innovation pertaining to EVs and the commercial and political barriers to EV adoption, but this is the first to examine the psychological impact that electric vehicles have on the individual driver. This book brings together international contributors from the UK, Germany and the USA to discuss psychological findings from electric car studies, including the BMW Mini E trials, the largest of their kind in the world. The book discusses driver experiences including charging, regenerative braking and low vehicle noise, as well as attitudes towards the electric vehicle, and challenges to the current stereotypes. Empirical data is analysed throughout by established psychologists and representatives from the car manufacturing industry making this an essential resource for anyone wanting to gauge the psychological impact of the electric car including researchers and academics in the field of social and transport psychology, environmentalists and government agencies and policy makers.