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Transport and Children’s Wellbeing

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Transport and Children’s Wellbeing 
Organizadores: Owen Waygood; Margareta Friman; Lars Olsson; Raktim Mitra
Referência: 2019, 396p., Elsevier.
Descrição: Transportation and Children’s Well-Being applies an ecological approach, examining the social, psychological and physical impacts transport has on children at the individual and community level. Drawing on the latest multidisciplinary research in transport, behavior, policy, the built environment and sustainability, the book explains the pathways and mechanisms by which transport affects the different domains of children’s travel. Further, the book identifies the influences of transportation with respect to several domains of well-being, highlighting the influences of residential location on travel by different modes and its impact on the long-term choices families make. The book concludes with proposed evidence-based solutions using real-world examples that support positive influences on well-being and eliminate or reduce negative solutions.