Tri-level accident investigation study. Volume 1. Final technical report. Final report

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Autores: Peter Cooley, James O'Day, Thomas Gates, Jude De Beaumont, Donald Cleveland, Daniel J. Minahan
Descrição: Originally dated 31 July 1973. Report Number: UM-HSRI-SA-73-5. Corporate Author: Highway Safety Research Institute. Sponsoring agency: Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Volume 1 is the final technical report of a program that describes accident investigation studies, which incorporate varying levels of accident detail, and accompanying analysis of accident data . n-depth multidisciplinary accident case studies are discussed, together with a description of the methodology used and the findings derived relative to human, vehicle and environmental factors . Special topics include small-car-large-car accident involvements, parked vehicle accidents, vehicle side impact performance, windshield retention failure , seat belt retractor mechanisms, multipurpose vehicles and hood-windshield penetration.